About Us


Simon beim Birschöpfli Foto für Birs73Hi there, thanks for visiting our shop!

I am Simon Lang, founder of Birs 73 and the Molecule Store.

After my bachelor thesis in chemistry in 2009, I started to work on my two other big interests: design and music.
This ultimately led to the idea of opening a t-shirt shop for chemistry enthusiasts.
So in 2011, starting with chemistry t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops, the Molecule Store (at that time called chemicalshirts) was born.

I’ve always designed non-chemical t-shirts part-time, but  I wanted to be even more creative and make products I really use and love, that’s why I’ve created Birs 73. We are making beautiful minimalistic wallets and sleeves from recycled leather right here in Basel. We also try to incorporate some chemistry, that’s why we make soap and recycled candles locally. To round it off we even have some beautifully designed t-shirts and yoga leggings (they are printed in Europe and the US). And don’t forget about the 3D printed earrings. Go shop our stuff now: clicky.

If you have any questions or product ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Best wishes

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