SUP rent by the day

From: CHF60.00

Rent our awesome inflatable stand up paddle boards by the day. Included in a backpack with wheels are a life jacket, pump, and a paddle. Scroll down for more information.

1. Please tell us the time you want to pick up and drop off your SUP.
2. Please specify clothing sizes and if a drybag, neoprene or lycra is desired.
3. Board type and other wishes can be noted here as well.


SUP daily rental prices

CHF 60 the day. CHF 210 the week. Perfect for SUP holidays or tours.

Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the booking.

SUP Boards

Practical inflatable SUPs with a pump and backpack with wheels.
We have all-round (longboards) SUP boards, touring boards, wide touring boards, and more directional touring boards.


We have a neoprene shorty for you if the temperature seems too cold 🙂


A t-shirt made of lycra, warms a bit and is a good sunscreen.


You can pick up your SUP in our surf shop:

Hauptstrasse 3
4127 Birsfelden

Map and Safety

Red: Forbidden zones (avoid at all cost!)

Verbot der Durchfahrt
This sign stands for: You shall not pass!

Yellow: Danger zone (mostly large ships) Always watch out for big ships and keep a big distance. They will not swerve!)

Green: recommended Stand Up Paddling Zone

Generally, the closer to the edge, the less flow. Take care that the paddle does not touch the stones at the bottom!

If nothing else works, just drop to your knees paddle to shore.

Taking a beginners class before trying to paddle alone is highly recommended!

Photos Indiana SUP by Tolisart.


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