SUP Trips in Basel

Guided Tours

At the moment we have two guided tours, the SUP city tour through Basel and the stand up paddle tour on the Old Rhine. For groups, you can also book a private class where we can organize a beautiful stand up paddle tour!

Unguided Trips

The 2 best unguided stand up paddle tours around Basel explained. Before embarking on a SUP adventure we highly recommend taking our beginners class first. There you will learn everything you need to know for a beautiful and safe stand up paddling experience.

SUP Trip Basel-Augst-Birsfelden

For this tour, it is advisable to buy a SUP or rent it by the day (CHF 60). When renting by the day you get your SUP with pump and paddle and everything else in a handy backpack with wheels for easy transport!

So sieht das Schild für die Auswasserungsstelle aus.
This is the sign to get out.
  1. The start is in the Birs73 surf shop at Hauptstrasse 3 in Birsfelden. Take your SUP and go to the bus stop Breite or Kirchmatt.
  2. Take Bus 81 going to Liestal, Bahnhof.
  3. Get out at “Augst BL”.
  4. Walk down to the Rhine, pump up your SUP and start the adventure.
  5. Get out at the sign on the power station island Birsfelden. Attention: keep to the right side, the whole way long. At the island also on the right and then keep left until the exit.
  6. Take the SUP,
  7. SUP aus dem Wasser nehmen, let the air out, pack it up and just walk back to the shop.

SUP City Tour Basel

For this trip you can either buy a SUP or rent by the hour or by the day (CHF 60 max.).

Start at the Birs73 SUP-Shop. Here you take your already inflated SUP and walk down to the Birsköpfli where the tour starts.

From Birsfköpfli either before or after the “Schwarzwaldbrücke” head over to the kleinbasler side (watch out for ships) and from there nice and comfortably down the Rhine. Get out wherever you want (or paddle up again for active stand up paddling). Take SUP out of the water, let air out, pack it up and return to the shop by tram, scooter or on foot.

General Stand Up Paddle Map for the Basel region: